About us

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The Bringing Back a Smile Charity was set up to concentrate on helping Adults and children with life threatening illnesses.

The charities aim is to bring families together away from gruelling treatments to enjoy quality time together on breaks away home and abroad and also days out with loved ones to help take the stress away in difficult times. Bringing Back A Smile concentrates on the families and siblings as a whole when loved ones are in difficult circumstances.

Although we are a relatively small charity we do try and accommodate as many families as we can and with the help of our sponsors and supporters we will continue to do as best we can to make a difference in our communities.

Our Team

Here at Bringing Back a Smile Charity the team work together as a unit and always looking for ways to improve in the work the team does.The Charity name says it all and if we can bring one smile back to those in difficult circumstances then we can build on Bringing Back a Smile to many more in hope it will make a big difference in their lives.


Kevin Hill


Kevin founded the charity in February 2017, team members have named him the workhorse, a man who’s passion for helping people is second to none always putting people first. A fundraiser of the year winner and C.LT charity winner Kevin is a very hard working member of a very passionate team he deals with Adults and Children with life threatening illnesses and treats every family with warmth and respect and makes them feel as comfortable as possible whilst at the same time overlooks the running of the charity and works hard with sponsors and supporters who without them we could not continue our work in the communities.A bubbly character with a heart of gold and a very passionate gentleman who the team love so much.


Vicki Maddison


Vicki is one of three trustees at the charity. A well presented business woman who thrives on pushing the charity forward in the right direction while overlooking the running of things. A very passionate lady who makes sure the families are looked after in a very professional manner a very valuable member of the team.


Katie Armstrong


Katie is one of three trustees who looks after our administration side of things from taking phone calls to managing our accounts on a monthly basis. Kate has a very professional approach towards people she is kind and well mannered and is always their to offer her help to families and make them feel as comfortable as possible and will answer any questions asked in a very professional manner.


Mandy Brunskill

Fundraising Manager

Mandy has been with the charity from the start she is the backbone of the team making sure things run in a positive manner throughout the year a first class fundraiser/Director who works tirelessly for the charity.


Vicky Bayliss

Holiday Rep

Vicky has been our Holiday representative who has co-ordinated the running of things at our holiday resort’s.Her main role is to welcome the families to their breaks away and also donating some of her caravans to the charity on a regular basis.A fun loving bubbly girl who earns the upmost respect from families throughout the year for her professional approach towards families in time of need.


Vicki-Lee Cameron

Events Manager

Viki is our events manager who makes sure things are put in place at events in a professional manner from the ordering of tickets to the set up of events a real workhorse who makes events run smoothly with putting safety in mind foremost.


Ryan Linley

Event Manager (Yorkshire)

Ryan is the gentle giant of the team he overlooks our North/Yorkshire events and is a man who wears he’s heart on his sleeve.He is one who works with the poorly children always bringing a smile in times of need.A true gentleman with the passion that he brings to the charity is a real bonus not only to the families but to our team who have the upmost respect for him.


Christine Wrigley


Christine is a very outgoing person along with her son Harley she has volunteered on many occasions to help the charity out with their stalls and raffles.She loves being a part of the charity and is a hard worker who always brings good results.


Michelle Hutchinson


Michelle Hutchinson is a mother of 2 and lives in Willington,County/Durham she is a kind polite person with plenty of ideas that she brings to the table.A very hard working girl who thrives on helping people in the local community.


Stacy Blenkiron


Stacy is a mum of 4 from Willington a very hard worker within the charity and always works as a team. Stacy looks after our Tombola stall and donations/Raffles towards our events. A very bubbly girl full of enthusiasm.


Shirley Hill


Shirley is the backbone behind her husband and founder Kevin. A women with amazing capabilities and very strong minded. She helps steer the charity in the right direction always looking to improve things at every opportunity. She is a hard working part of our charity who is in charge of our administration and also helps out with the running of events.

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